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Yes, steam cleaning can effectively remove wine stains from carpets. The high-temperature steam helps break down and lift the wine stain, while the extraction process ensures a thorough and successful stain removal, leaving your carpet looking refreshed and stain-free.

It’s advisable to have your carpet cleaned as soon as possible after a stain occurs. The faster you address the stain, the higher the likelihood of successful and complete removal. Delay can allow the stain to set, making it more challenging to clean.

The time it takes to deodorise a carpet depends on factors such as the carpet’s size, the extent of odour, and the deodorising method used. Typically, it may take a few hours to a day for the deodorising process to effectively eliminate odours and leave your carpet smelling fresh.

Living Room with Couch and White Rug — Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast, QLD

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